The Atatv stands for: All Terrain Armored Transportation Veihcle. It has two models. 1. Just the ATATV with no turrets on the sides. 2. Turrets on each side of the ATATV. This veihcle was designed by me, Jammy101101 when I was an Ensign.

What makes it all Terrain is it's HUGE wheels. Biggest you can get. Massive. Just because they're massive, doesn't meen they can clime up walls….

The turrets would be controled by 1 unit. Since there are 2 turrets, they would be controlled by two units, one unit on each side.

The maximun Capacity is 10. 2 turret men, 6 passengers and 2 drivers.

There are two steering wheels, so if one driver get's shot or is ingured or dead, the other driver can just continue. Simples! This is not an official veihcle. It is just a model for the wing.

(Currently No Picture Available, Sorry!)