Elite Wing's Divisions

The Divisons of the Elite Wing Include:

  • Naval Division

The naval division, is lead currently By Linkkid47. Some ships are still under construction, some have only one current model made, some are still under construction. One of our newest ship's is the Eradicator.

  • Space Division

The Space Division the largest, and most influential portion of the Elite Wing. The Wolf Class carrier ships were designed and made by DrewsomeB. The leader of the Space Division is shared between Advanced Admiral Airfalcon and Admiral Dafter13. The Space Division controls all the space ships and fleets, not including those in other divisions such as EWPD. The Territorial Governor of All Space Territories is Admiral Dafter13.

  • Ground Division

Our Ground Division takes over enemy lands. There are many bases in the Elite Wing, some for differing purposes. See Ground Bases for more detailed information. The Elite Wing Ground Division is Lead By Rubix47. It's Second in Command is Admiral NeghVar.

  • Air Division, EWAF

The Air division is simply the division that deals with all things involving air combat. This is Mainly the Elite Wing Air Force Many of the aircraft for the air division may also be used as space craft. The airbases in the Elite Wing help maintain functions in the Air Division. The Leader of the EWAF is Irish42

  • Elite Wing Police Department

The EWPD, or Elite Wing Secret Police keeps the internal peace. This is the most rapidly growing Divisions. Also, they do reports, arrests and mainly get informed in any clan/civilian crimes that have been committed. The EWPD Also controls all Courts and Trials in the EW, to make sure they are fair and just. The EWSP Also serve as soldiers and bodyguards in times of need. There are Four main Branches of the EWPD (Not to be under any circumstances a Subdivision) including The Urban Section, The Rural Section, and the Special Forces/Escorts/Bodyguards. None of these have leaders yet. Brownie96 runs the EWPD.

  • Submarine Division

The Submarine Division takes more direct control of the submarine force in the Elite Navy. All further information is classified.

  • Elite Operations Squadron

The EOS, Elite Ops, Elite Ops Squad, and Elite Squadron are some of the many names for the Elite Operations Squadron.It is is the special operations of Elite Wing, They carry out tasks such as extreme bombing runs, espionage missions, demolition projects. All further information is classified.
We have a massive intelligence board, we carry top secret informaion.
Currently without a leader.

  • Elite Tanker Subdivision

The Elite Tanker Subdivision is a subdivision of the Ground division, it covers all vehicular operations on the ground. There is also a cell in the Elite Wing Secret Police, which works basically as heavy weapons backup for serious situations, and is lead proudly by Admiral NeghVar.

  • Elite Wing Coastguard Sub-Division

The Elite Wing Coastguard Sub-Division is lead by Rear Admiral Jack705. The Coastguard helps defend the Navy itself, and Works Along side with the Elite Wing Secret Police Naval Sub-division to Help keep our Waters Safe and in the hands of the Elite Wing.

-Admiral Brownie96