How To Add Stuff

Simple steps to add stuff!

  • You need to be on a list from A to Z in order to do this. Or the Top Ranking Officers bit.

1. You want to edit, well, you now know what to do.
2. You see all these names listed up. You don't know how to make more?
3. In order to make a name for a new page, you must do it like this: -----

Notice: It should be orange. Orange means it hasn't been done. Now look at this one: = Is it red? If it is, it means the page has already been created.

4. Then click save.
5. Go back to the page and look at your newly added person/Veihcle/Fighter. It should be Orange. Click it.
6. Create the page and make the desc of it!!

Done. Better take notice of that notice part. It's a notice! Thanks for reading!


PS: There has been a muddle up. If you click on them, they both go to our HomePage. Sorry about that learners!