How To Edit

Simple steps of editing the page!

  • You MUST be a moderator and/or Admin in order to attempt this.

1. First of all, look at the page and see what you want/need to edit
2. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page then look at the bottom right of the page, you'll see some words. Look for the one that says Edit.
3. Click Edit, then a bar should come up with 36 weird buttons. You don't need them.

-After Finishing Editings-

4. Scroll down to the bottom and look for the word save. Click it and BOOM!!! Your edits have been saved.

Notice: When you are editing, you get a 15-Minute-Page-Lock, which meens people can't just start to edit and course an argument. People can and probaly will brake the lock, meening that you + them will be editing. When you save, they will still be editing and then they will save, getting rid of ALL of your edit. You know when they are editing because a notice will come up saying SOANDSO is editing and that. You can get the lock back, but they will probaly brake through it again. It is anoyying. VERY, anoyying.

Notice #2: When you have finished, people might suddenly start to edit, destroying all your data, So don't go angry saying "IT TOOK ME HALF AN HOUR TO MAKE THAT PAGE THEN SOME ONE EDITED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" because they are only trying to make it better. Just calm down….. Thanks for reading this. If you're just a member, then I'm affraid you won't be able to do this. Sorry!