Notice Board

Notice #1: Welcome!

Hello people. This is like the News section, but the notices. It's just notices like "This guy just lost 5k tix in one word" and stuff like that. NOTICES: I have uuhh….How should I put this? I have messed up our Side Bar. Currently, there is no Edit Panel part. If you go on recent changes though, then click side, you can edit it again. MattAttack is looking suspicious in TonyDain's eyes. We should keep an eye out. —- April 2nd 09' Notice.


Notice #2: Skully may be gone for a day.

Today,Skully had got the new DSI, he will probaly be on it all day, no doubts. So, we probaly won't be seeing him! —- April 3rd 09' Notice.


Notice #3: Noob trying to hack Hq.

Hello soldiers. A noob named FlamePike is trying to get into our hq, find the codes to Drews room and PMING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is getting anoyying. He was my friend before, but then one day he came and deleted every thing and broke our friend-ship. Keep a look out for that idiot. —- April 3rd 09' Notice

Notice #4: Put actuall news on.

As you can see, people like me are getting warnings for what I warned other people. That shouldn't get put on the news!!! 8:48 am, british time. I am deleting all NON-NEWS posts or certain NON-NEWS words and stuff.

-Rear Admiral Jammy101101-

Notice #5: Our Members section is GONE.

It isn't good. Our members section part is reseted. Now the page doesn't exist. Also DrewsomeB has joined, but I don't think it is him…

Notice #6: Guess who got himself banned…?

Have you noticed a certain person is gone? Well, HeroMaster is. He has got 3 reports so has been PERMINATLY BANNED. I got a Personal Message from AA Brownie saying he threatened him. Gotta stick with the rules. He'll need to make a new account or leave this….. —- April Ninth Notice

-Rear Admiral Jammy101101

Notice #7
Two things: BigWig has had a change, of mind for lack of better words, to a more enjoyable outlook upon life. He's back, in short. Also! I was promoted to Admiral, just recently approved by the Wing Leader.

Notice #8
Austin5082 messed the forums up BIG time, but fixed it.
I (austin5082) is making a new 'theme' for the site, AND I am making a new "Chat Box" too!
When they will be done, I do not know.
-AA Austin5082