Rules - Please Read

These are the rules. Some may consider them to be harsh, but they control all of this system's laws. If you don't like them, feel free to send a message to any of the site administrators/moderators.


You must ask the permission of the creator before you edit. Only Moderators + Admins can do that. People are constantly editing when they have no permission. If you edit and say what you did, it is fine. If you edit and don't tell, you could get an accidental ban, like poor TheSquire did.


Reports haven't been coming in often, which is a good thing we want to keep up. Here are the rules ascertaining to reports:

  • ONE REPORT: The user will get noticed, but no ban or any thing serious.
  • TWO REPORTS: The user will get a removal from the Members list, but not a ban.
  • THREE OR MORE REPORTS: The user will be removed from the Members list and will get be *permanently* removed from the site.


Most website moderators don't appreciate offensive language on their sites.
Offensive words:
Swearing (Cuss, curse,)

  • ONE Offensive Words: The user will receive a report.
  • TWO Offensive Words: The user will get reported and a removal from the Members list.
  • THREE Offensive Words: The user will get reported and a removal from the Members list AGAIN. One last chance.
  • FOUR or More Offensive Words: The user will be immediately banned.


We don't have many Ad's on this website yet, only one made by Commander Skully367, but we WILL notice offensive ads. Offensive ads will be reported, then the Moderator/Admin will become a Member.

User Names

We get a few members a day. Offensive user names will be reported and instantly banned. No warnings because if the name is removed from the members list, it will return, so a *immediate* ban will happen.


Some pages are excellent, while others may not have any meaning to EWW, EN, EWGD and the UFOG. If these pages are like 'WE ARE ***' or something like that the page will be deleted and the creator will get a ban. We don't want offensive pages here. Any offensive pages will be removed.

That's the rules of the Elite Wing Wiki. Thanks for reading!