shadowkiller47 started off as a leader of a small clan R.A.N.G., then sold it to Umbrellacorp, becoming a General First Class in Umbrellacorp. He quickly climbed the ranks, and became the Space Division Leader, and Leader of 1 of 3 Umbrellacorp squads, Bronze Squad. shadowkiller47 then was voted into the top 14 leaders of Umbrellacorp. He then decided to become "The Peace Keeper" between The Elite Wing, and Umbrellacorp. shadowkiller decided to devote his Full attention to Elite Wing, and resigned from 14th in command of Umbrellacorp. shadowkiller got to the rank of captain,and Umbrellacorp was disbanded.

He is currently serving as Captain of the "E.S.S. Stargazer" in the EW Space Division.