Old, Cold, and Mold.
Not much has been happening with the Wiki, so I'm back to make some changes.
Firstly, Jammy's editorial pages will have to be edited and or rewritten.
Secondly, I hope to see more changes and additions around here. There's a Admiralty's Award of Merit for anyone who makes more than 20 new sections on this site for the month of June.

I'm Leaving EW, Its official|Skully367|15th of April
I destroyed my Clan to join EW. I made one promiss. Once I get to a high rank I'll reform it. Its unlikly I'll ever get to a higher rank. Unless EW does something that make me stay…Im leaving. Austin Made this wiki awesome, its now yours…

~Captain Skully367

Pro+|Skully367|14th of April 09'
I've made some minor changes to the site, i've used the pro+ trial so the wiki is now more editable! If anyone has a domain could we use that for the wiki?

Finally back!|Skully367|13th of April 09'
I'll be fixing thing and such, if you wanted to tell me something whilst I was away just send me a pm.

Loads of undated news

**Letting other admins know, I am going to be mucking about all of the pages messing with syntax/grammar issues, and putzing about with wording. Thanks!
Admiral NeghVar

**I may not be here TODAY. Jammy101101. 11th April 09-
I may not be here TODAY due to my Birthday and my sadness. HeroMaster has ruined my last two hours of being 9 and he doesn't care one bit.

I will be working on the wiki for a while|Austin5082|
If you need help, find me on the Forums:P

Planets and Territories|Brownie96|Tenth Of April 09'
I made this page for the Various Planets we control. If you know of any, please add them. Happy Easter Everyone!

I'll begone for 3 days|Skully367|Ninth of April 09'
Shadowkiller, where the heck do you live? Cause…over here its the Ninth…
Anyway, back to the point of this post, Im gonna be in london untill monday and have No Internet!

Members|shadowkiller47|Tenth Of April 09'
Ok, I have the first 20 pages of ppl on ppl search on the members list (i did background checks) And all of EWmemberlist's friends

Members Again|Brownie96|Ninth Of April 09'
Thank you guys so much for adding all those members to the members list! You are a great help. Keep up the good work.

When I get bored….|Skully367|8th of April 09'
I make a MiniCity! Click here To Join EliteWingCity!

And now…|Skully367|8th of Apri 09'
Im going to sue shadow killer for telling me that…*Cough*[Censored]wikigod[Censored] it!*Cough*….Uh sorry, I apear to be coming down with a cold…

Almost…|shadowkiller47|Seventh of April, 2009
I had all of the members on EWmemberlist on the members page, then it wouldnt save…

Made our first ad!|Skully367|7th of April 09'
Made my first ad, well its not really an ad…but still. Its to advertise Jammy's Help On The Wiki Section. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to veiw it! And i just realize that yesterday was 6th, not the 9th….lol.

Congrats Brownie!|Skully367|9th of April 09'
Hey Jammy! Go do what Brownie told ya! Nah only kidding…Anyway Congrats Brownie! Why? 'Cause your the first perdon to write the full date instead of just placing a number (I.e. 9th = Ninth) ,Even I do it!

Elite Wing Members|Brownie96|Ninth of April 09'
I have a favor to Ask. Can someone go through the friends list of EWmemberlist, and make sure everyone on that list is on the Member list on the Wiki? I just need that to be done. Thanks to whoever does it.

Members page deleted?!?|Skully367|4th of April 09'
Ok, so everyone on the wiki has been removed from admin/mod exept Me and Jammy. Why? I want to make sure no one deletes anymore pages! If you want to get your rank as a mod/admin back, then pm me on roblox.

DrewsomeB Joins The Team|Skully367|4th of April 09'
Heres one member whos not gonna get stuff wrong, Our leader, DrewsomeB has joined the wiki and will probably be the best help we'll get!

HeroMaser|2nd of April 09'
I have edited the sidebar again, just to let you know….

3rd of April 09'
I created a backup incase some noob somehow signs up and spams the place. Im gonna make a back up Each week, probably anyway….


Jammy101101|2nd of April 09'
Just to let you know, I clearly stated NOT TO EDIT THE WIKI HELP SECTION. I got a e-mail saying TheSquirrel edited mine. I gave him a ban. Sorry, but I said NOT TO EDIT IT AT ALL. Also, I changed the name of the Welcome page to 'Welcome to the wiki!'. Sound good? I think it does. TheSquirrel isn't on a perminant ban, just a ban for some while…

HeroMaser|2nd of April 09'
New news: There is a new system in the wiki, all rear admirals will be Moderators, and trusted lower ranks.
Trusted RAs will be Administrators, as well as other high ranks.

New News Section!|1st of April 09'

All Admins do NOT edit pages unless they are yours, have your creations, involve you, or need to be edited to improve the clearness.
Also, The Administrators are all either trusted friends and Admirals, all Rear-Admirals are Moderators. Except for me. I'm a Rear Admiral but I'm an Admin due to a VERY close friendation with Skullly, the creator of this entire wiki!

Welcome to the news section!

Here, we say all our news and stuff. News: New veihcles listed! The ATATV + TMV is now availible to check up on. No picture though. Sorry! We have new members listed.

Our head Admin is Skully, he came up with this ENTIRE idea for the Wing. Thanks for reading the news!


Hiya its me RA Jack and two new bases have been added to the island base section:Falvon and October Isle!Thats all

-Rear Admiral Jack705-

Its me, skully!I would like to thank everyone who has helped! From One page to about 30 you guys have improved this site massively! Thanks

-Commander Skully367-

Okay. There is about 75+ unit's I am going to ad on soon, some, we haven't met. We need to make sure we have met them units before putting them on!!! We need to, uuhhh…, make a description for some of them users!!! Okay?

-Rear Admiral Jammy101101-

Quick notice: If you make a new page or Information page, don't go editing it. Only the creator should do the first edit, because they know what to put. I made "Our Best Rear Admiral" and KA-BOOM!!! Skully cut's in and edits. I have a feeling it'll be me there… Do not edit when it has just been created!! Give the creator of that page or whatever time.


Oh [CENCORED]!!! I have sorta messed up our Side Board thing….There's no Edit Pannel. My stupidness must of deleted it!!! ARGH!!!! I am terribly sorry. Until I can fix it, we won't be doing much updating with the Side Bar.


I have fixxed it. It's fine again!

-Commander|Master Admin of EWW Skully367-

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