Top Ranking Officers

Our members are important to us, but who keeps them in line?
These experienced officers do, they keep the peace, sometimes they argue, but they usualy get over and and stand strong!
These various high rank-ers are usualy the ones getting our technology up-to-date.
See the Projects page to see what they're up to!

-DrewsomeB- The leader of the Elite Wing. He maintains the clan, recruits new members, promotes/demotes ranks, and directs/creates construction projects. He is also adept in air and space combat.

Advanced Admirals

-Airfalcon- An Admiral in the Elite Wing, Airfalcon is an adept warrior and builder. He is responsible, answers the call of duty, and never lets his officers down. Airfalcon is the Back-up Leader.

-Linkkid647- A good friend and the Admiral in command of Hawkeye Fleet, Linkkid647 has also recently been appointed as the leader of the EW Naval Division. His capabilites are admirable and he is highly respected in the Wing.

-Brownie96- Re-hired into the Elite Wing by DrewsomeB, Brownie has proven that he is capable of change and good will.

-Irish42- recently promoted to Admiral for his loyalty and contributions to the Elite Wing.


-Wiiman2- An experienced Admiral and commanding officer in the Wing. He was originally recommended by Airfalcon.

-Byakugan360- Another Admiral and experienced officer of the Wing, Byakugan360 is an excellent builder and warrior. He has proven himself worth time and time again.

-NeghVar- A Admiral who has built some new tech for a the Wing, and he knows how to keep a cool head and both domestic arguments and full combat.

-BigWig-A Great Admiral, has shown a a good man and knows what to do in pressure situations.

-Jack705- Another good Rear Admiral, this soldier has showen good leadership, and will be heading for an Advanced Admiral.


Best Rear Admiral-

-BigWig- I have selected BigWig as our best Ra due to his simple comment of only wanting to help people. He didn't want to be a higher rank. He's a VERY good soldier.